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Are you a professional or a hobbyist looking for lightweight, energy-efficient wood cutting machines? Are you confused about which machine to invest in out of the uncountable options available in the market? Don’t worry; Afro Gulf should be your one stop shop. In such testing times with brimming competition, there is a dire need for an affordable yet reliable Woodcutting saw machine wholesaler.

We specialize in technologically sound and efficiently engineered wood cutting machines in UAE. We offer a wide variety of wood cutting machines, each of which is engineered to perform specialized purposes. There are several wood cutting machines available in the market which are loaded with several attractive features but to choose the one most appropriate is the real task.

Features & Specification


Afro Gulf being a well-known woodcutting saw machine wholesaler in Dubai offers a wide variety of wood cutting machines that are loaded with the latest technology. Our machines offer a smooth finish to all its products along with offering a noise-free experience. In addition to being equipped with new technology, they are easy to use. They come with an elaborate manual that explains in detail the mechanism of using the machine.

Our machines can be optimally used by novice woodcutters also making them an excellent option. The feature which differentiates Afro Gulf’s machines from other wood cutting machines in the market is their lightweight experience making them extremely durable.

Our products are not only cheap but will also be easy on your pockets concerning the electricity bill. Our machines perform equally well in all kinds of woods and all kinds of weather. We use high-quality rust-free material in all our wood cutting machines. Even though each of our wood cutting machines has been loaded with different features, Afro Gulf ensures the following guaranteed features in all its machines:

Afro Gulf specializes in Band Saws and Disk Sanders. Band Saw is one of the most common wood cutting tools available in the market. Band Saws manufactured by Afro Gulf are tough enough that they serve multi-purpose needs. In addition to being used for cutting wood in a uniform and fine manner, Afro Gulf’s Band Saws can also cut several other products such as hard metal.

Wood is the cheapest and most eco-friendly raw material which can be used for many useful goods. However, it may be dangerous to children and pets if it isn’t smooth enough. Use Disk Sanders by Afro Gulf to get a smooth and shiny effect to your woodworks.

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Over the years, Afro Gulf has retained its image of being one of the best organizations delivering high-quality machine works. Ever since our inception, we have completed more than 800 projects achieving 100% client satisfaction. Customer value and service are our top-most priority.

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