Hydraulic Shop Press

Hydraulic Shop Press

Hydraulic Press 60T Bovenau P60200


For a range of industrial applications, Bovenau’s Hydraulic Press 60T, model P60200, provides precise functionality and a sturdy build. Its robust construction and 60-ton capacity guarantee effective operation in metalworking operations. It is a dependable and user-friendly tool for activities including pressing, bending, and forming, making it perfect for use in workshops and factories.



  • Unit of Sale: PC (Piece)
  • Brand: BOVENAU
  • Category: Hydraulic Press
  • Capacity: 60 tons
  • Total height (A): 1730mm
  • Maximum space between table and piston (B): 785mm
  • Minimum space between table and piston (C): 60mm
  • Opening between columns (D): 795mm
  • Total width (E): 1230mm
  • Foot length (F): 850mm
  • Column opening (G): 215mm
  • Table opening (H): 245mm
  • Maximum piston stroke (I): 150mm
  • Pump opening to ground (J): 660mm
  • Handle height (K): 1390mm
  • Structure width (L): 1000mm
  • Weight: 426 kg

Why Bovenau? 

  • Superior Quality: Bovenau products are renowned for their longevity and safety standards, having been built with thirty years of experience.
  • Versatile Applications: Providing dependability for a range of activities, this product is perfect for the construction, metalworking, aerospace, and automotive industries.
  • Global Reach: Bovenau is known for its professionalism, inventiveness, and high-quality products, and the company has exported to more than 30 countries.


  • Metal Work: Hydraulic Press are Ideal for operations such as forging, punching, moulding, and metal forming.
  • Automobile Industry: OEM hydraulic jacks, which are crucial for the production and upkeep of automobile parts, are trusted by automakers.
  • General Industry: Because of Hydraulic Press effectiveness and safety qualities, they are frequently utilized for lifting and maintenance jobs in the mining, building, and naval industries.