Band Saw

Band Saw

Portable High Quality Band Saw Femi NG-160 By Afro Gulf

The Femi NG-160 Portable Band Saw provides outstanding precision and versatility for a wide range of cutting applications. This band saw’s fine construction and careful construction guarantee reliable performance in both professional and do-it-yourself applications.


Product Specification –

Brand Name    Femi
Model no.     NG-160
Weight    35 (Kg)
Capacity   160mm
Blade development (mm)   1735x13x0,9
Motor power (watt)   2000
Electrical supply (Volt-Hz)   230 – 50
Blade speed (mt/min) 35÷80

Digital electronic speed regulator

Constant Speed

Toothing Z/1″ 6/10
Packaging (mm) 1000x390x570

Technical Features :

  1. Faster Cutting: A unique blade design allows for 40% faster cutting.
  2. Handy Base: The base’s swift-moving vice makes it simple to use.
  3. Robust Motor: Equipped with safety features, its robust motor maintains a consistent pace.
  4. Blade Safety: To guard against the blade, there is a safety switch.

Standard optional :

  1. Adjustable Guide: Makes it easier to make the same cuts.
  2. Simple to Handle: Handles are included for simple mobility.
  3. Interference Filter: Reduces interference in accordance with guidelines

Maintenance –

  1. Disconnect : Unplug the machine before performing any maintenance.
  2. Safety Equipment: Always wear gloves and safety eyewear.
  3. Maintain Regular Cleaning: Clear the cutting area and the blade guides of any debris. Employ a brush or vacuum.
  4. Storage for the Long Term: Clean the machine and store it in a dry location if you won’t be using it for a long time. Gently loosen the blade.

Expert Assistance :

For significant upkeep or fixes, contact the manufacturer or an approved service provider.