Lifts & Service Equipment at Discounted Prices

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Get Benefit from Afro’s strong partnerships with leading manufacturers and high sales volumes, allowing us to provide competitive prices on premium automotive equipment. On the other hand suppliers focused on upselling, we prioritize guiding customers to the right products for their needs.

Using this Equipment at Large Scales in UAE

Lifting operations are vital in construction work in the UAE, as they include raising and lowering big loads. Afrogulf in the UAE offers automotive equipment like air conditioning recovery units, bottle jacks, engine cranes, stands, balancers, lifts, and fuel injector testers and cleaners for vehicle maintenance and repair needs.

We are experts in offering specialized solutions for your lifting needs as consultants in the area. Afro guarantees safe and effective operations whether lifting is done by hand or with the use of specialist equipment. For building projects in the United Arab Emirates and elsewhere, lifting equipment is essential. It comprises a broad variety of tools and accessories that are used to raise objects or persons.

For shop owners and service managers seeking to enhance productivity and profitability in UAE , our range of automotive service equipment is unmatched. From auto lifts to air compressors and more, we not only offer top-quality products but also exceptional customer service to ensure your satisfaction.

Safety Measures to Take While Using These Types of Lifting Equipment

It’s essential to use lifting equipment correctly to avoid accidents at work. Here are some simplified safety measures for each type:

Policy Development: Create thorough safety policies with input from everyone who is involved.

Worker Education: Consistently instruct staff members on safe handling practices to avert accidents.

Equipment Suitability: Verify that the equipment has the required safety measures and is compatible with the task’s load requirements.

Pre-Use Inspections: Examine equipment before each use and have it certified on a regular basis by professionals.

Refrain from Standing Under cargo: Keep everyone safe by making sure nobody stands below moving cargo.

Arrange Lifts in Advance: Make a plan for each lift, particularly if it involves heavy or dangerous goods.

Regular Maintenance: To avoid breakdowns, maintain equipment by taking preventative action.

Safe Transportation: To prevent mishaps, exercise caution when transferring equipment between locations.

By taking these precautions, workplace dangers can be greatly decreased and efficient operations can be guaranteed.