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We have established ourselves as a prominent Metal Cutting & Grinding Disc Dealers in UAE and supplier exporting immense quality Cutting & Grinding Discs. We have established a strong and successful partnership with the top brands to supply quality tools. Being a supplier of prominent brands, the product is manufactured by a strong team that uses high quality, technology, and industry standards consideration. As a result, our customers can avail of the product from us at attractive and competitive rates. As a result, Afro Gulf Hard and Elect Ware LLC have all kinds of grinding wheels that exceed the quality and desirable specifications. We hold industry-leading stocks and wheels of all sizes available immediately to suffice your needs. We carefully select and inspect the grinding wheels based on the performance, durability, reliability, and value for money. The key factor in the success of us as prominent Grinding Disc Suppliers is the ability to meet the vivid requirements of customers. This is done through the most suitable wheels offered by us to you. Therefore, expect excellent customer satisfaction and great assistance from us if you are looking for a grinding wheel solution.

Features & Specification Of Metal Cutting Tools


1 Metal cutting tool quality exceeds toughness and strength, which does not lot the tool fracture or even chip making it work longer enough

2 The tool is hard enough that can withstand strong heat generated when the metal cutting work is in process

3 It offers to wear resistance so the tool has a long working life and deliver cutting edge to precisely cut efficiently

4 A properly finished cut is the ends results for every workpiece, surface finish is guaranteed delivered.

5 It cleanly removes an excess layer of material from the workpiece and able to obtain a desirable and most sought-after shape with accuracy.

Our Products

Features & Specification Grinding Disc


1 Grinding wheels are available in various formats for easily grinding strong metals and stone

2For sharpening tools, these disc work wonders and enhances the sharpening experience

3 Cutting disc are speed cutters that work exceptionally for woodworking

4  Our wheels typically provide faster, accurate, and quality cutting action

5 It can greatly be used for polishing and giving a finished look to stone and metal surfaces

why choose us?

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Our company is renowned for three words, Quality, Value, and Service. Our team is considered specialists who can cover all your doubts and expectations from grinding wheels and abrasive application. The exceptional service we deliver is subject to a systematic quality system.

We, reliable Cutting Disc Suppliers look ahead to meet the extensive needs of the customer by delivering an extensive range of grinding machines that satisfies your requirement well. Being a registered and certified company, you can trust us for producing high-quality grinding discs supplier in Dubai for your specific job.

Our service department looks keenly on the after-care service and completes ongoing support too. Being equipped with high-quality machines and a quality management system, you are assured of receiving the most sought-after service.

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