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Electric Chain Hoists, commonly termed as the motor, are used in ample applications like lifting, fastening overhead, speakers, and even lightings. Afro Gulf Hard & Elect Ware LLC offers exceptional quality hoists, combined with reliability and safety. The modular design ensures a huge range of lifting speed is delivered. Being extremely useful and user-friendly, our product offers the smooth movement of the load. Our products are widely used for material handling in different industries like packaging, manufacturing, wood, chemical industry, etc. We, the leading Electric Chain Hoist Supplier In UAE, intend to minimize the efforts inputted by the operator and enhance productivity. We have gained immense success in the manufacturing field by producing electric chain hoist. Our team harnessed all industry experience, skills, and capabilities for delivering quality products. One that has been inspected for quality on all stages. Our entire product range is authentic, designed as per quality standards, and using advanced methodologies.

Product Features & specifications

Electric Chain Hoist Suppliers

1 Hoists are widely accessible as well as available for single and three-phase options

2 Uniqueness in the chain guide designed to ensure the functioning and running of the chain is smooth

3 There are ample fins on the motor body that doesn’t let it overheat and thus increases safety

4 Brake adjustment is possible with easy adjustments

5 Inbuilt chain collector ensures hanging of chain is avoided

6 The motors are F class insulate

Our Products

Why Choose us?

Deliver Perfection

We aim to deliver sheer perfection and also lead as the prominent Electric Motors Suppliers In UAE. With the latest technology and modern features loaded, our electric hoist brings a guaranteed sturdy construction and longer life to the market. Delivering perfection is one thing we consider!

Reputable Name

We have become one of the reckoned names in the industry, providing an array of electric chain hoists in Dubai. This is because we are capable of meeting the smallest specifications and demands of the customer. The reputation we hold makes us the prominent choice for the customer to trust in us.


Optimized Solution

At Afro Gulf Hard & Elect Ware LLC, our expertise lies in the deep-rooted understanding of various applications, industries and therefore delivering the most optimized solution. We strongly emphasize two things: reliability and availability; that is the first choice of every customer.

Trusted Choice

We continue to strive and become the most trusted Electric Chain Hoist Supplier In UAE. We closely follow global developments and regulatory information for developing products.

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