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As one of the most predominant Bar Bending Machine Dealers in Dubai, Afro Gulf Hard & Elect Ware LLC has been accepted by clients. Our presence in the business for more than 5 years allowed us to serve complete and specific solutions to each customer. With qualified staff and the state of art setup equipped, we guarantee each machine works best and improves efficiency. Our bar cutting machine is robustly built with the ability to stand the stress, along with its faster functions.

Your expectation from Bending machines in UAE is to have strong and easy to operate efficiency, something our products are renowned for. For perfect cutting accuracy, relying on our product gives assurance of top-notch technology. Our strong presence in the market has made us the leading choice for customers, giving a one-shot cutting experience, like never before. With the right amount of technology inbuilt in the bar cutting machine, you can also rely on cost-effectiveness.

Our Products

Bar Bending Machine

Built with a compact structure, withholding strong power.

Safety guaranteed with a microswitch and two emergency buttons

Graduated automatic regulators help bend angles with exceptional precision.

Performance-driven, maximum reliability and efficiency

Adaptable to vivid building sites and capable of meeting the unique needs of the customer

Well equipped with a self-braking motor accompanied with a two-stage epicyclic gear moor train, enclosed in a bath of oil

Bar Cutting Machine

Blades accompanies with 4 cutting slides, along with 4 wheels for smoother mobility

Technology-driven provides high functionality & smooth functionality

Industry-approved design guaranteeing safety and speed.

Experience quality sturdiness and reliability of casing equipped with a single cast-iron block

For soft cuts, two-stage cutting could deliver you great results

Bar cutting offers a control lever, emergency stop button, and a foot pedal

How Do We Make a Difference?

We being a renowned Bar Cutters Dealer, represent an evolution in bending technology, conceived strongly to deliver better productivity and longer durability. Regardless of the kind of bar bending machine needs you have, we offer a full range to be your one-stop destination!
As a leading Bar Cutting Machine Suppliers, all our products conform to international safety standards and technical health norms. To maintain a stable position as the leader, our main goal is to develop a good relationship with the client. Our products are priced competitively, along with constant assistance from a team of highly qualified technicians.

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